The Workout 


Low Impact Circuit Training

In 45 minutes you will shed calories, experience lean muscle growth, break through fitness plateaus, and achieve personal bests. Our studio is warm and friendly and our classes are designed to be effective regardless of gender, fitness level, or experience.

Our HiiT 11 pros modify exercises that vary in intensity and difficulty, providing everyone a challenging yet attainable “ HiiT 11” experience.

Each class is limited to 22 participants so be sure to reserve your spot as classes fill up quickly.


11 stations/2 people per station…workout with your own partner, someone new or alone.

  1. 5-minute Warm up
  2. 3 times around the circuit
  3. 5-minute cool down

Most exercises are geared toward “low impact“to ensure safety and not put unhealthy stress or impact on the body.

All trainers are certified with accredited certifications.

The Science
of HiiT


The Science Behind HIIT Workouts

HIIT is a hot fitness trend, but while many people have jumped on this mode of exercise, many also don’t really understand how HIIT works.

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a workout that alternates between intense anaerobic exercise and low-intensity intervals or complete rest. As a workout of high intensity, it doesn’t require much time to complete and is a great way to integrate exercise into your daily routine.

Short Workouts, Lasting Results

HIIT workouts can easily fit into anyone’s daily schedule, even for those whose days are jam packed.. 

High-intensity interval training enables your body to burn calories without burning yourself out. The results of these workouts lend itself to muscle gain rather than muscle loss while simultaneously burning fat. Calories can continue to burn for up to 24 hours after completing one HIIT workout.

Experts have termed HIIT as the “best form of exercise” for all ages, allowing you to build endurance and challenge your body. HIIT recommends high-intensity intervals; Remember, HIIT is all about intensity, so focus on maintaining your intensity, even if that means doing fewer sets at first. You can keep adding more sets as you build up your body.

Health Benefits

HIIT proves to have many benefits for your body that aren’t limited to just the duration of the workout. Many carry over into other parts of your day once you complete the exercise. HIIT workouts:

  • Effectively use your daily energy. Fluctuating from high and low-intensity rates trains your body to exert energy throughout the workout efficiently. Over time, keeping up with HIIT will teach your body how to use its energy outside of exercise adequately.
  • Boost your metabolism. As the nature of this type of exercise isn’t meant for long duration but rather high intensity, it causes your body to consume more oxygen, leading to an increased rate of metabolism.
  • Improve your heart health. The structure of HIIT improves muscular function, including that of the heart, and gets your blood pumping even more than moderate aerobic exercise can.

The Founder 


Recognizing the ever-changing landscape of the fitness industry, where workouts require variety, time efficiency and fun – the creator of CARDIO BARRE® has done it again! With decades of industry expertise, Richard Giorla has created a unique HIIT experience that’s cutting-edge and effective. Taking the essence of the low impact/high energy workout of Cardio Barre and applying it in a circuit training format, HiiT 11® is revolutionizing high intensity interval training with its holistic approach to efficient, low impact, full body workout that gets real results and challenges the trap of the “body plateau.”

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